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Porcelain is a durable product as long as some precautions taken into account. Our products made of fine porcelain fired to 1230C. They are microwaveable and dishwasheable. Avoid Over stacking and sudden changes in temperature, from hot to cold environment or other way around couse thermal shock that may produce crack on your items.

"The idea behind the brand came out of the fact that around the dinner table is where some of the great talks were made for many of us. Dining table's power of getting people together undeniable so each element of dinnerware contributes to make a great conversation and deepen friendship which makes them much more important than being just a plate.  From my point of  view each piece is an active participant of the table. I make plate that helps establishing  dialogue."

All Dialogue Range is handmade each steps starting from designing, mould making,porcelain body preparing, slip casting, glazing and other artisan details carried out in Atelier Ortakoy. it is not a mass production also each piecese might have a small differences, deforms which proves handmade.

The series expands seasonally with the addition of new shapes and colours.



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